Saturday, April 07, 2012

We Are Creators, Not Consumers

My class reading this quarter is Mobile Design and Development, which you can read free online.

Author Brian Fling says:

We Are Creators, Not Consumers

The final principle of Mobile 2.0 is recognizing that we are in a new age of consumerism. Yesterday’s consumer does not look anything like today’s consumer. The people of today’s market don’t view themselves as consumers, but rather as creators.

He's talking about "user-generated content" as creation. But to me, "create" doesn't feel like the right verb for what makes social constructs happen.

Still, my reaction - being bothered by that equation and needing to probe at it like a sore tooth - tells me I should take a closer look at what is happening there.

Ok, brain, whatever you say.

(That's right, Pinky.)

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