Thursday, July 02, 2009

Now Firefox 3.5 compatible: Seattle Public Library LibX Edition

LibX is an open-source project that creates browser extensions that give you one-click access to the online card catalog from your own library.  See a book you're interested in on Amazon, or anywhere on the Internet for that matter? LibX makes checking to see whether it's available via your library - and if so, reserving it - as easy as pie!

But a LibX "edition" needs to be set up for each library. And the great folks behind LibX have made it easy to do that! So a while back, I made a Seattle Public Library LibX edition.

And now it's updated for Firefox 3.5 compatibility.

If you have already installed the Seattle Public Library edition of LibX, the next time you launch Firefox, it should automatically prompt you that an update is available to install.

Otherwise, go ahead and install Seattle Public Library LibX now! (There is a version for Internet Explorer, too. Sorry, there's no LibX for Chrome or Safari.)

And if you are reading this but don't get your books from SPL, check to see if there is a LibX edition for your library. If there isn't, you should make one with LibX Edition Builder! It's a great way for geeks to support their local library.