Saturday, January 27, 2007

Instant Netflix!

From: Doofusdan (
To: Netflix Customer Service
Category: Other
Subject: instant movies now - please please!

Message: Hello Netflix! I'm a long-time user of your service, and I've evangalized it to my friends and family, all of whom are now using it. I tell people who think blockbuster's service is the same as yours that it isn't even close in the usability and extra features that make netflix as great as tivo and ipod.
I would LOVE to be able to use instant movie viewing now and tell everyone I know how great it is. Is there any way you can bump me up in the queue to get my account activated for it? I would be so, so, so pleased....
Whether you can or not, thanks for providing a rave-worthy service!
Sincerely, Doofusdan

Update Feb 6 - I've been hooked up! I have it now! Schaweeet!@!

Oh, man, this is great. Wow. Wow. David Pogue was spot-on.

Thank you Netflix!!!