Saturday, March 17, 2012

IT buzzwords and memes of the moment: cloud & consumerizarion

Peter Kretzman, IT Consumerization, the Cloud and the Alleged Death of the CIO:
Let me be clear once again: this frequent linking of cloud and IT consumerization to the looming demise of the CIO and IT is not just misguided, but actually gets it completely backwards. In fact, I argue that IT consumerization and the cloud will actually elevate the importance of IT within a company, as both a service and a strategic focus.

Let’s list and then discuss some of the ways that combining these memes (IT consumerization, cloud, and the ensuing heralded death of the CIO) falls down when measured against common sense and reality:

It fails to understand the full range of what a CIO (or IT) actually provides for modern-day companies.
It fails to recognize the profound pitfalls of a decentralized and fragmented approach for company systems and technologies.
It erroneously equates IT consumerization with the BYOD trend, missing the larger important picture that underscores the strategic need for IT.
It misunderstands the interplay of commoditization and competitive strategic advantage.

Writing in "Wired Cloudline sponsored by IBM."


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