Saturday, August 16, 2008

How to never run out of music to listen to

I finally updated my shortcuts page with links to the music sites I've been using. Now I'll surely be using them even more...

Rhapsody •  •  Pandora  •  Muxtape  •  HypeMachine  •  Critical Metrics  •  iLike  •  Internet Archive  •  Wolfgang's Vault  •  KEXP  •  KCRW •  Songbird  •  Paste  •  Rolling Stone •  Monitor Mix

I'm certain there are other great music sites out there I don't know about...what am I missing?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where do I sign?

I'd put my John Hancock on this in a second. Endorsed!

Declaration4Independence - Lessig Wiki
But nothing will save Congress. Without fundamental change, the institution will remain despised and increasingly irrelevant. Power will continue to shift—as it has for the past fifty years—to the President and the Court. The core institution of the Framers’ democratic design, the institution that many of them were most proud of, will remain essentially bankrupt.

That’s a strong term. But it predicates well of Congress. If the credit of any public institution is trust and respect, then Congress is, as Websters would define it, “discredited, having forfeited all credit.” Not because of any particular decision, or failed vote. Most couldn’t name one thing Congress did or didn’t do that they object to. Not because anyone believes its Members (or most of its Members) are bribed, or evil people. To the contrary, Congress is filled with souls with an extraordinary commitment to the public. These are good, not evil, people.

Rather, Congress’s “credit” is “forfeit” because of a profoundly deep sense among most that the machine that Congress is is simply bent. Like a rigged slot machine at a casino, or a balance sheet by the Enron accounting department, the vast majority of Americans don’t believe that the answers Congress gives are the right answers for the right reasons. Most believe that they track something else entirely: not sense but dollars.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

iPhone Apps I'd like to have

Nice iPhone UI for SeAttle public library.