Saturday, February 07, 2009

Staying secure while surfing - from CEO's video blog

I've been using since way before they started advertising on the super bowl - Jerry Pournelle has long vouched for them.

Similarly, I was a fan of Danica Patrick back when all she did in the public eye was drive race cars very quickly. I do snarkily note that even though her website is "enhanced" it doesn't even have her 2008 race results listed on the stat sheet! Little bit o' style over substance in that "enhancement"....then again probably < 1% of visitors to her website are looking for info on her racing career these days. :-)

This is my blog, so I can bury the lede if I darned well feel like it. I don't see any "editor" name listed here, do you? So here's the lede:

This video has a really good presentation of "how to stay safe on the internet" in just a few minutes, in a very engaging and memorable way.

I think it would have a lot more impact than a standard written list of tips or interactive eLearning. Let me know what you think!

Or if you know of other good, engaging, quick user 'safe surfing' and infosec awareness, let me know.

(This is a matter of professional interest for me at present. No, I wouldn't use this very video at work. I'm crazy, but not stupid.)

Of course it IS an internet video from the CEO of GoDaddy's blog - so if tanktops offend you, stay away!

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