Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unified Communications & work-life balance: a plea for 'off-duty' mode

Need a mode for mobile comms devices so that 'work stuff' doesn't bug you.
Email should arrive silently
phone calls from work contacts should go straight to voicemail (maybe with a 'press 1 if it's urgent and you really need to ring through')
IM status should be "off duty" (or "do not disturb" - but that kind of implies working really hard, doesn't it?)

Personal contacts, emails and IM's are allowed through though.

Saying "well, you can sset that up" - doesn't do any good for the vast majority of people who never even LOOK at the settings, much less change any of them. It needs to be a top-level, out of the box config.

Whoever delivers this functionality will be hailed as saviors, antidotes to the always-connected, always-interrupted life of the crackberry toters.

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