Sunday, August 14, 2005

Metasploit Framework

One of the infosec guys at work mentioned the Metasploit Framework as we were discussing the exploit code circulating for MS05-039 and MS05-043. Yikes, that's scary! I'd seen earlier generations of tools like this, but this really is a huge advance in power & ease of use. It's gotten a hell of a lot easier to hack Windows than it used to be...

If you're feeling in the mood from some security surfing, these were a few interesting related sites & articles to read.

Good editorial about metasploit.

Pop computing piece but decent "1 page to read".
Includes this quote from one of the authors of metasploit:

MetaSploit is as easy as "point, click, root," Spoonm said during the presentation. It may not be as simple as the presenters suggest, but MetaSploit does enable people to use and customize the tool as they see fit. Spoonm said that the tool has been downloaded roughly 20,000 times.

The Metasploit presentation from blackhat 2005 (pdf):

Walkthrough of the most basic features (slightly dated).

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