Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kottke nails it

Again, the lazyweb comes to the rescue and saves me from having to write this post myself. Thanks Senor Kottke!

Before we get going, here are some alternate titles for this post, just to give you an idea of what I'm trying to get at before I actually, you know, get at it:

* You're probably wondering why Yahoo bought Konfabulator
* An update on Google Browser, GooOS and Google Desktop
* A platform that everyone can stand on and why Apple, Microsoft, and, yes, even Google will have to change their ways to be a part of it
* The next killer app: desktop Web servers
* Does the Mozilla Foundation have the vision to make Firefox the most important piece of software of this decade?
* Web 3.0
* Finally, the end of Microsoft's operating system dominance

Now that your hyperbole meter has pegged a few times, hopefully the rest of this will seem tame in comparison. (And apologies for the length...I got rolling and, oops, 2500 words. But many of them are small so...)

I know that I am loving having my stuff live "in the cloud". Getting the cloud available offline would be huge.

However there's much, much, much to be done before the cloud can be accessed reasonably from a hand-sized device.

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