Thursday, June 04, 2009

Even with @comcastcares, Comcast Triple Play is not a basket you should put all your connectivity eggs in

@comcastcares For 3rd weekday in a row, cannot call toll free #'s "all circuits are busy". Getting ready to cancel. Pls help!

ComcastBonnie@doofusdan the all circuits busy thing is a regional issue they're trying to hash out :/
Comcast isn't delivering on the fundamentals of having the dial tone actually work, or having Internet access. And that's what I want from a telephone and Internet service provider: dial tone and Internet. And that is what Comcast hasn't been able to deliver to me lately.

Based on my experience, I recommend that if you are looking at Comcast Triple Play, don't. They aren't reliable enough to use for both ISP and telco. If you use Comcast for one, use another provider for the other. That way when Comcast's service is down you can at least use the other one.

I think it's great that Comcast has folks on twitter trying to help out. They've helped me before. But I'd prefer not to need to ask for help at all - I just want my phone & ISP to work. Is that too much to ask? For Comcast apparently it is.

Here's an email I'm sending to them. I hope this will help get my problem resolved now but I really do not want to stay as a pure Comcast customer any longer.  And I recommend you don't do so either.

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