Sunday, January 18, 2009

Re: Instant Outlining

Dave Winer, talking about how the team that built Radio 8 was very productive because of their use of Instant Outlining says:

You also had to have a workgroup ready to use it, and that may have been the biggest reason it didn't gain traction. It wasn't hard for us to find individuals who were turned on by the idea, but when they in turn had to convince their co-workers to use the tool, that's when it fell down.

My comment was:
I hope everybody pays attention to this part of it, which Dave you are QUITE right to point out: "You also had to have a workgroup ready to use it".

I'm actually seeing, in the world of enterprise IT, a decent correlation between A+ "gets things done" types (that's a Joel Spolsky reference, not David Allen's GTD) and "eager to try new tools and -- for those that work -- willing and able to adopt and use new tools effectively".

I don't think it's a causal link, and I certainly don't think it is anywhere near a 100% correlation.

But if I was building a team today, I'd be looking for this, in addition to other requirements.
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