Monday, March 05, 2007

One way to fix a video problem in Ubuntu

So, now that the Vista betas are over, I gave my home test PC a break from monthly (or sometimes weekly) reinstalls of Microsoft's latest, and installed Ubuntu. Ah, what a relief! It all just worked!

I even pointedly told some Microsofties how much less painful Ubuntu was to install and run.

All was good for weeks, until... all of a sudden, my machine would only display at 800x600 or 640x480! And the cursor was on the wrong place onscreen - it was offset by about 2" from the place the clicks would actually register. So, no good. And I get enough trolling google and RTFM'ing in my day job, I don't need more of that from my home PC.

So I put the Vista install DVD in the drive, and rebooted - but missed hitting the key to boot from DVD.

And what do you know, Ubuntu healed itself!

I guess it was scared of being replaced....

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