Friday, December 02, 2005

ssh for Vista: Yes, please!

From the 11/29 Vista Beta chat:

Q: Are there any plans to incorporate SSH? Telnet is ancient, archaic and
provides little security. While we still need it to talk to our hardware
devices, soemthing secure like SSH would be very helpful.

A: Gawain [MS] (Expert): We have an active issue on improving telnet /
adding ssh, so I know the development team is aware of it.

Vista dev team: Please do include ssh in Vista.

It's insane that Windows is the only OS still under active development which does not include ssh in a standard distribution. I say this as a professional whose job is Windows in the enterprise.

Same thing applies for sftp, too.

I won't go through the reasons why secure alternatives to completely insecure but common tools (telnet, ftp) should be available by default; if you need a lesson give Steve Riley or Jasper Johansen a call.

Microsofties, if you need an enterprise customer to weigh in on this to get the feature to make the cut, comment on my blog and I'll get in touch.


  1. Actually there is one other major "os" which doesn't include ssh in its default distro: cygwin. It doesn't include a decent-looking command prompt window, either, and the customization options are archaic. I wish Vista would at least include a command prompt with antialiased text and configurable colors. I issue about half of my commands through a shell, and watch my build results in a shell; configurable xterms are a necessity, not a luxury. Sigh. Maybe there's an ajax app that lets me connect to ssh over https.