Thursday, April 21, 2005

From Aaron Swartz: articles: the finest of the short nonfiction form (Aaron Swartz: The Weblog)

Aaron describes it:
I love magazine articles. When done well, they combine elegant writing with a compelling story and educational conent. However, it’s impossible to subscribe to every magazine and there’s no easy way to find the best of the lot.

For the past four months I have been posting my favorite magazine articles to a new website. When the articles aren’t available online, I’ve scanned them in and OCRed them. When they’re not available for free, I’ve made a copy available. (And, naturally, all items are archived in case of linkrot.) The result is a wide-ranging collection of excellent writing, ranging from how textbooks are made to interviews with men from the Rwandan genocide.

The site is articles: the finest of the short nonfiction form (Atom, RSS 2.0). I’ll continue posting articles as I find them but I hope that the majority will be submitted by readers like you. If you come across an especially wonderful magazine article (or already have), please tell me about it.

I hope you enjoy the site. I’d love your feedback. Tell your friends.

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